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From The Elvis Files Vault
From The Elvis Files Vault
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A look inside Elvis - The King Of Hawaii...

Elvis in Hawaii....


Elvis - The King Of Hawaii

Elvis : The King Of Hawaii is in the same format and size [400 pages, 1000 + pictures] as the critically acclaimed book, Elvis : The King Of Las Vegas.

The book has three themes:

From 1957 to 1977: 20 years on the Island he loved : Vacations, & Live in '57 and '61

The Movies: Blue Hawaii : Girls! Girls! Girls! : Paradise Hawaiian Style

And of course a section dedicated to the greatest show ever on earth: Aloha From Hawaii - The book will be 400 pages loaded with photos, many of them never seen before A great review of the Aloha show by Mike Eder A lot of photos from the November 1972 Concerts Behind the scene photos from the movies, vacations, & Live in ’57 and ’61


Elvis - The King Of Hawaii ....add it to your collection now !








Elvis - The King Of Hawaii

400+ Pages    |    1000 + Pictures

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About the Author..Erik Lorentzen

Erik saw Elvis in concert many times throughout the 70`s. The first time was in New York at Madison Square Garden (1972). The following year, ('73) he got to meet his hero backstage at Nassau Coliseum, together with Pål Granlund, Per Granberg, Yngvar Holm, and Kari Lundstedt. In 1975 Erik meet Elvis in Vegas with Pål Ganlund. In 1976 Erik saw his hero many times. Both whilst On Tour and during his Vegas engagements.

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